How to Find Best Foot Massager Machine in India 2021 Complete Buying Guide

How To Find Best foot massager machine In India 2021 Complete Buying Guide

The foot massager machine has undergone a huge change and advancements.

There are Some models just vibrate to relax up the foot muscles while some of them are particularly programmed to focus on pressure points.

This is what makes it hard to buy a foot massager machine. If you have no idea how to examine the product,

then the below-buying guide helps you. Read each factor carefully to make a notified decision.

Foot massager machine

Some of the foot massagers are designed just to remove the stress and promote rest.

While some of them have remedial advantages like reducing inflammation, improving blood circulation, and reduce pain.

So, think particularly about the reason for your buying. there are some of the questions you should ask are…

  • Do you observe pain in the feet or calf muscles as well?
  • Are you seeming in pain after sitting/standing for some hours?
  • Do your toes grip frozen after a long working day?
  • Are you looking for a massager that degrades pain created by dangerous problems like arthritis?
  • These questions help you to understand that which model suits your needs very well.
  • If you have any serious medical problem, then ask your doctor to advise the proper one. Because using the incorrect one can worsen the situation.

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Application of the foot massager machine

best-foot -massager

Section of the application is also another important factor to consider while purchasing the best foot massager machine.

Some foot massager machine produce massaging options for only foot, while some may produce more than just foot. Classifying your massage preference helps you choose the right one.

  • Foot – Some foot massagers machine only massage the foot section. These massagers are perfect for targeting muscles on the soles which can provide multiple useful advantages.

  • Foot and Ankle – Some massagers have a bigger design that can reach ankles and soles of the feet at the same time.

It can also be used to massage the sides and also bends of the feet at a time.

Foot, Calf, And Ankles – There are only a few massagers present in the market that target calf muscles as well.

Preferably than open design, some models have a little option that provides them to massage the ankles, sole, and calf muscles as well.

  • If you are doing a job that suffers to stand then calf muscles can form knots. Massaging with this type of foot massager machine can have a great advantage of decreasing the tightness in the muscles.

Types of Foot Massagers

Types of Foot Massagers

Based on the functioning mode, foot massagers are categorized into different types.

Picking the right foot massager machine for your requirements depends on these types. here, We have mentioned detailed information about them for you to make a great decision.

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Manual Massagers

Manual foot massagers are normally made from natural material such as wood .and it has to be handled manually by the user.

It has a small and short design and they look like spiked rollers that can be rolled under the feet.

These types of foot massagers are very efficient. They are perfect for satisfying sore feet, plantar fasciitis, and others.

Electric Massagers

Electric foot massagers worked by electricity. electric foot massager uses rollers and balls to massage the foot.

Electric foot massagers use vibration and kneading method to massage the soft tissues to decrease the stress.

They use a motor that vibrates the rollers using the vibration technique.

They mark some common points like feet soles, top of ankles, and feet.

These massagers are available in various types – some can be put on the feet, some expect to keep your feet in it and some can be handheld.

You can choose anyone at your comfort.

These massagers also have new features like heat to provide relief more than a standard one.

Some of them also include water to simulate the spa benefits of resting the feet.

If you have any medical issues linked to the heart, it is better to discuss them with your doctor before buying a foot massager machine.

Electric foot massagers are suitable for people who want to relax the stress after a long dull day.

The speed and power of these machines can be powerful and pressure can be strong as well.

Some of these machines are compact while some of them are not. And Finally, they are much more expensive and require.

Shiatsu Massagers

shiatsu foot massagers use heating elements, vibrations, and rotating heads to simulate the Japanese kneading method called shiatsu.

This is an intensive best foot massager machine type that targets certain pressure points present on the foot.

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Infrared Massagers

As the name hints, they use infrared rays to relax the muscles, release the knots and provide relaxation from the stress.

They are excellent for massaging calf muscles and foot areas.

Water Massagers:

These massagers are just like electric foot massager that use water, light, bubbles, and heat to promote therapeutic benefits.

Spa massagers are larger and more heavy in weight than regular electric foot massagers.

Design of the Foot Massager

Best foot massager

Each foot has different features and different systems.

That is why foot massagers are designed into two types depending on the foot massaging needs.

The design of the massager machine controls the massaging therapy. here, we explained the two types clearly…

Open Design

Most of the massager companies favor open design massager for developing their products. It helps to relax the feet on the massager’s deck conveniently.

  • They are normally light in weight and also portable, so you can carry them wherever you go.
  • these machines will keep your feet comfortable even if you place them on polished or wet floors.
  • open design foot massager machine is not capable of massaging calves or ankles. Still, only a few models are an exception.
  • Some of this massager has a heat therapy option that reaches the feet soles to release pain and stress.
  • These massagers have comparatively low maintenance.

Closed Design

Closed design foot massagers machines are very popular around the world. if you start using it once, you will never use anything other than that.

  • They are fitted of massaging soles, sides, heels, and as well as arches of the feet.
  • You can connect different massaging techniques to get the best possible relaxation.
  • These machines require high maintenance than open design ones. Still, they are still easy to handle.
  • These foot massagers also come with different power settings. So, you can manage the settings based on your requirements and needs.
  • They are designed to serve all kinds of feet. Yet, some of them can be a little uncomfortable for people with large feet.

Size and Weight of foot massager machine in India

It is an important factor that should examine while choosing a foot massager machine, as it helps to investigate who can use the machine or who cannot use the machine.

On the other hand, people with small feet should avoid buying models with large small as they will not get the desired results.

If the foot massager is created for large feet then small feet can miss a few massaging clots or heads.

Maybe Weight is not an important factor but it can affect the portability and stability of the machine.

As a finger, the rule identifies that models that are on the heavy side are more durable while massaging. But, models with less weight lead to be more manageable.


Normally the cost of foot massagers varies from Rs. 1000 to 5000, depending on its specialties and technology.

Features and strength of a product change from one model to another. Models that are less in price have less functions.

Foot massagers that are expensive have a spacious arrangement of functionalities and features.


it is not recommended to be while your feet are relaxing in the leg massager machine as it is possibly dangerous.

The stability of a foot massager normally depends on its configuration.

Open design models are somewhat more stable than closed design models as they are broad and low.

Some models have an adjustable feature that helps to adjust the length of feet as per your terms.

This is the best option if you have to adjust the height as well as to sofa or chair there you are sitting.

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Heat Functionality

Some electric leg massager machine is equipped with heaters that utilize heat to various parts of the foot that improves relaxation and improve blood movement.

The heat helps to reduce aches and pains. The heating action may be restricted to the bottom of the foot or the complete foot.

It is more beneficial to have a heat adjustable feature – as it supports to adjust according to requirement and term.

Manual foot massagers have not to heat function So, while purchasing make sure to analyze whether a portable model is more useful or having a heat factor.

Ease of Maintenance

Most of the foot massager machine from leading brands has easy controls, pins, and switches, which makes it easy to wipe and keep them.

And further, some of them have remote control functions. Lightweight models are much simpler to move around so it also makes cleaning easy.


It is one of the most important features because it confirms that the product will last for a long time

A high feature massaging machine has good durability. Still, they are valuable as well. Some goods come with a lifetime warranty as well. The more lasting warranty is, the safe it is to purchase the product.

Precautions to Consider While Using a Foot Massager machine

  • It is very important to sure that the foot massager is unplugged when it is not in use.
  • Not all electric massagers work on batteries. A few of them have to be attached to a power source.
  • Always Make sure the massager is present or put in a place with good air circulation.
  • For obtaining the best results, it is better to start with the cheapest setting and slowly increase to the required time and speed. You can obtain the best results after getting the massage for 20 – 30 minutes.
  • If you are not conscious of which speed or how time is needed for treating your condition, then discuss with a physician.

Advantages of Foot Massagers

During the day, our feet support the weight of the entire body due to which they get tired and painful.

Foot massagers are a great resolution in helping the soreness, pains, and tiredness of the feet.

Special from that, there are several other profits of using a foot massager. these are a few…..

  • Our feet have smaller blood circulation than other body parts. But massaging constantly improves blood circulation even to most lower limbs.
  • Foot massage increases the strength of muscles and muscles present in the ankles and feet. they degrade muscle soreness and pains.
  • Foot massagers are created to concentrate the pressure points which are known to relieve migraines and troubles.
  • Applying foot massage for 10 minutes every day is known to increase mood, decrease blood pressure and reduce anxiety.
  • People who have sit or stand for a long duration of time often feel fluid retention in the feet. This can be decreased by using a foot massager machine

Disadvantages of Using a Foot Massager Machine

If the foot massager machine used properly as per the manufacturer’s or physician’s guidance, the foot massager will not generate any harm.

But, if it is not properly managed or not supported for your health condition, then it can begin to some issues .there We have mentioned some of them…..

  • If you have any serious health diseases, then ask your doctor that you are suitable for using a foot massager or not.
  • First of all, check the manufacturer’s precautions and warnings before buying because these devices are not suitable for some people.
  • Always check your foot massaging time mainly if you are using an electric one. A good thing is also bad for your health.

Some Frequently Asked Questions?

1. Do foot massagers really work?

Many research and studies, prove that our foot has several nerve endings, through massage
You reduce the stress and tension in these nerve endings, managing release and rest of your entire body. yes, the foot massager works really well.

2. Is foot massagers are good for neuropathy. Is it true?

Actually, Neuropathy is a simple side effect of diabetes.
This condition can be managed through a foot massager as it helps in exciting and increasing blood flow in the feet.
Electric foot massagers are the best method in helping the symptoms created by neuropathy.

3. Do foot massager make you feel sleepy?

A relaxing and comforting foot massager will improve blood flowing, reduce the tension in the muscles, and rest the nerves.
This turn can relax your mind, causing sleepiness and making you sleepy.

4. Are foot massages supposed to hurt?

Normally, a foot massager will not create any pain. But, if you have pain in the ankles or muscles due to any health situation or injury, then you may feel pain.

5. Can I get a foot massage every day?

Like any other body part, your feet can get benefits from regular outlines. You can get a foot massage every day unless you are advised to avoid it by a medical consultant.

6. What is the best time to get a foot massage?

You can get a foot massage at any time of the day. But, it is suggested to have it before going to sleep.
It helps to exclude all the stress and strain in the muscles created-up through-out the day. And further, you can get a happy and reliable sleep.

7. Can I use a foot massager while pregnant?

Foot swelling and pains are some of the common problems faced during pregnancy. Though a foot massager can be helpful in reducing the soreness.
It is better to discuss with a gynecologist or obstetrician before going to use it. Some foot massager machine has high intensity, which can begin to other dangerous problems.

8. Does a foot massager induce labor?

Some of the reflexology principles, some researchers claim that using a foot massager can induce labor. Still, there are different estimations on this problem.

9. Is it ok to use a foot massager if suffering from back pain?

Foot massager machine can be effective in dealing with back pain, but it depends on the hardness and source causing it.
For example, if you are feeling soreness or tightness in the lower back, then it can be created due to tension in the legs or feet.
Those who have to stand for a long period of time in a day can also feel back pain. In such cases, a foot massager machine can be effective.

10. Where can I purchase a foot massager?

Foot massager machine can be bought in any local pharmacy or online stores like Amazon or Flipkart. Any of these websites also offer refunds, returns, and free shipping as well.

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As per our preference, JSB HF05 Leg and Foot Massager is our top pick because it is one of the most famous and generally used best foot massager in India.

It appears from a reputed brand, has a strong built, and adds a 1-year warranty along with a number of great characteristics. It provides full massage to the foot, ankles, and calves.

It highlights both vibrating and kneading massaging action onward with the reflexology point.

The user can regulate the speed and the massage as needed. It features soft rubber padding, a 15-minute auto shut-off feature, and a rest feature.

If still, you have any doubts, so you can write them in the comment section below. We will reply to you as soon as possible. if you like this article then share this with your family and friends.

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